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I created 4 IG Story images for our 18-image-long #SaveRestaurants campaign, which included animations, GIF content, interactive media, and more.


I wrote and designed all of the Instagram content. 


Additionally, I co-wrote an article entitled “6 Ways to Provide Restaurant Relief During Coronavirus,” a one-stop-shop with resources for people who want to help out restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Workers in the foodservice industry have been some of the hardest hit financially from the COVID-19 pandemic. 


We as a community can do our part to support the places we love in order to keep them afloat. 


We compiled a roundup of restaurants in Brooklyn that are working to serve the neighborhood in innovative ways (to-go cocktail kits, timed meal pickups, expanded delivery radii, etc.) as well as a comprehensive list of the organizations, movements and relief funds that folks can support in hopes that our favorite spots can stay in business.